Year 4


Year 4 Chester Zoo Trip


A brilliant day out at Chester Zoo!

Perimeter Garden Project


Year 4 were set the following challenge as part of their topic work on plants and it involved using their Science, Maths and D&T skills:

You are going to design and make a model garden. Your garden will need to be drawn to scale and must contain separate growing areas for 5 different vegetables. In addition to this, you will need a further 2 areas to grow flowering plants to encourage bees and other insects into the local area. Finally, you will need an attractive centre feature for your garden, such as a fountain or a statue of a famous person or creature and have paths for people to safely move around your garden area.

Your total area will be a rectangular shape that is 18m x 25m. You will need to use a scale of 1cm = 1m for your plan (to be done in pencil on A4 paper). Each growing area must have a perimeter of between 12m and 20m and cannot be any smaller or larger than this.

Once your plan has been approved, you will then make a model of your garden which will have a scale of 1cm = 50cm to be completed on A3 paper and using wood and other construction materials.

The children worked brilliantly in their teams and created some beautiful gardens. Well done Year 4!

The Start of Our Science Investigation


Red Nose Day 2017


The Human Body Home Learning Project


Our Science topic this term is ‘How Does the Human Body Work?’ and Year 4’s challenge over half term was to choose either an organ or a system of the human body and research it. They had to present their findings in either model form, brochure form or presentation form.
Their finished products were fantastic!

The brain was the most popular organ:

Did you know the heart is split into four chambers?

The kidney has one of the most important jobs in the body:

What does the Liver do?

The lungs were also a popular choice:

What is a function of the skeletal system?

Did you know that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide?

Some more excellent presentations:

Well done Year 4!

The Butterfly Lion


Our new class novel is the fantastic ‘The Butterly Lion’ written by Michael Morpurgo.

Year 4 have been working on interpreting a description from the novel. They had to pay close attention to the description, noticing the intricate details and also infer extraneous details. They then had to draw their interpretations of the scene through the medium of pencil, upload it into iMovies and create a short film showcasing their art, quotations from the text that they focussed on and choose music or sound effects that helped to complement the overall atmospheric mood of the scene.

These are some of their creations:

Daniel B

Untitled from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo.

Harry B

Untitled from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo.

Poppy D

Untitled from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo.

Finnan C

The butterfly lion FinnanClements from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo.

Our Mr Stink Project


After reading Mr Stink, we decided that we should design and build a new home for him.

We had to use lots of different skills in order to do this, including measuring the perimeter of the walls, windows and doors, sticking to a strict budget and calculating the cost of the materials, designing a persuasive poster to convince Mr Stink to buy ours, as well as considering how to make the house insulated and water resistant.

Here’s what we came up with.

Pippa's Video

First Aid Training at Lever House


Pippa's Video

Problem Solving by Finnan C


One of Thirty-six from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo.

Mr Stink Character Description


Deep inside the town, there lived a man, a stinky man called Mr stink. He had a dog called  the Duchess, he wasn’t a normal dog, he had his own stink. In the morning, I go to see Mr stink  and his dog the Duchess. I sometimes take him some  sausages  and egg, he gets out a china plate and cutlery. The duchess licked the plate clean for Mr stink. Mr stink’s beard  was hard  and it had  mouldy egg and sausage in it. Mr stink’s  jacket was ripped and very dirty. The duchess was muddy and never had a good wash. Mr stink’s bow tie was so tiny and very black and that was ripped. Mr stink had a dog called the duchess and mr stink gave him a sausage with cheese on top.


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