Year 4


Mr Stink Character Description


Deep inside the town, there lived a man, a stinky man called Mr stink. He had a dog called  the Duchess, he wasn’t a normal dog, he had his own stink. In the morning, I go to see Mr stink  and his dog the Duchess. I sometimes take him some  sausages  and egg, he gets out a china plate and cutlery. The duchess licked the plate clean for Mr stink. Mr stink’s beard  was hard  and it had  mouldy egg and sausage in it. Mr stink’s  jacket was ripped and very dirty. The duchess was muddy and never had a good wash. Mr stink’s bow tie was so tiny and very black and that was ripped. Mr stink had a dog called the duchess and mr stink gave him a sausage with cheese on top.


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“Mr Stink Character Description”

  1. October 24th, 2016 at 8:52 pm      Reply Charlotte Maddock Says:

    Wow this is incredible , I used to attend Lever House.This is definitely high level writing. Well done keep up the amazing work , you will make a great author some day 🙂

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