Year 4


The Start of Our Science Investigation


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The Human Body Home Learning Project


Our Science topic this term is ‘How Does the Human Body Work?’ and Year 4’s challenge over half term was to choose either an organ or a system of the human body and research it. They had to present their findings in either model form, brochure form or presentation form.
Their finished products were fantastic!

The brain was the most popular organ:

Did you know the heart is split into four chambers?

The kidney has one of the most important jobs in the body:

What does the Liver do?

The lungs were also a popular choice:

What is a function of the skeletal system?

Did you know that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide?

Some more excellent presentations:

Well done Year 4!

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Our Mr Stink Project


After reading Mr Stink, we decided that we should design and build a new home for him.

We had to use lots of different skills in order to do this, including measuring the perimeter of the walls, windows and doors, sticking to a strict budget and calculating the cost of the materials, designing a persuasive poster to convince Mr Stink to buy ours, as well as considering how to make the house insulated and water resistant.

Here’s what we came up with.

Pippa's Video

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